Invitation to The 11th International Congress of Mongolists



DATE: AUGUST 15-18, 2016

Dear Professor,
We are glad to inform you that in pursuance of the tradition of holding virtually every five years since 1959 the forum of Mongolists from around the world in Ulaanbaatar, the Secretariat of the International Association for Mongol Studies has decided to convene the 11th International Congress of Mongolists on August 15-18, 2016 in Ulaanbaatar. The Congress will be organized in collaboration with the Mongolian Academy of Science, National Council for Mongolian Studies and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia.

In doing so I have the pleasure of warmly inviting you to take part in this Congress which will, no doubt, make an important contribution to the further development of Mongol Studies. Your early response before June 1, 2016 will be most appreciated. If you are willing to present a paper at the Congress, the Secretariat suggests that it would greatly facilitate the work of the Congress and preparations if you kindly send an abstract of your presentation to the Secretariat before July 1, 2016 in any of Mongolian, English, Russian languages. You are kindly requested to submit your abstract in electronic version not more than two pages by Secretariat's e-mail not later than the date indicated above. Please use, if possible, Times New Roman font 12 points.

I. The Preliminary Format of the Congress
The Secretariat proposes the following organizational arrangement of the Congress:
There will be two plenary sessions: the opening session besides hearing ceremonial speeches may devote attention to an introduction of the main theme and general statements as available; the concluding session will take up reports on Sectional meetings, Congress documents and organizational issues.

The substantive work of the Congress may be carried out in the following five sections:
Section One: Studies on Mongolian Philology
Section Two: Studies on Mongolian History
Section Three: Studies on Mongolian Culture and Literature
Section Four: Studies on Mongolian Foreign Relations
Section Five: Studies on Mongolian Socio-Economy

II. Congress fee
The Secretariat fixed the Congress fee at $200 for all participants. Those who have paid the Congress fee will be provided with free lodging and food, and other relevant services during the Congress days (5 days altogether). Participants will be also provided with Congress materials and some recent publications of IAMS.

Please keep in mind that only those who paid the Congress fee can enjoy these privileges.

III. Pre-or post-Congress stay
The following information will be sent only to those who responded positively to our first circular by the above-indicated date. Please, kindly respond to our invitation in time even in case you cannot attend the Congress.

Those who wish to come ahead of the Congress are kindly requested to let us know in advance. All expenses related to your pre-or post Congress stay is to be born by yourself. The Secretariat will be happy to render the needed service and facilitate your work in Mongolia.

As usual a special program of entertainment and receptions will be suggested to all the Congress participants. During the Congress days there will be organized a book exhibition and a book sale. Books and publications on Mongolia brought by participants could be displayed and sold through the book sale agency of IAMS. The Secretariat would be happy, if books could be donated to the library of Mongolian Studies at the IAMS Secretariat. Books with author's autograph will be highly appreciated.

Please, don't hesitate to address us with any questions concerning the Congress and your stay in Mongolia. You can contact:
Fax: 976-51-261328
Phones: (976-51) 261329, 262553

The copy of the application form is attached HERE.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Ulaanbaatar, with best wishes
Academician D.TUMURTOGOO
Secretary General of IAMS